How Important Are Bullet Proof Vests?

Very! And Even More Important If No One Knows You’re Wearing One

In today’s day and age, shootings have become a public worry. With the recent influx of public shootings that have taken place throughout the nation, in places like churches, schools, concerts and festivals, bars, and even movie theaters, you should never let your guard down. And at the very least, you should always have a plan in mind just in case you find yourself in one of these situations. Where is the nearest exit? Will you hide, or will you try to confront the attacker? Are you mentally prepared? Do you have a bullet-proof vest?

To answer that last question, it is most likely that the average American does not own their own bullet-proof vest, and for good reason. Traditional bullet-proof vests are costly, heavy, and often have to be worn over clothing which would make any average Joe or Jane stick out like a sore thumb. However, if a more practical solution existed, would you consider it? If a bullet-proof vest that wasn’t as obvious as the others, but could still potentially save your life if you found yourself in an unfortunate situation, would you buy one for yourself?

At the end of the day, this piece of protection could save the lives of your family, your friends, and yourself. So, why skip out on the opportunity to protect yourself and your loved ones? If you’re interested in purchasing a discreet-looking bullet-proof vest, we have just the product for you!


M30 Bullet-proof Apparel

Recently launched apparel company, M30 Bullet-proof Apparel, announced the release of their brand new patented discreet bullet-proof vest. Picking up on the idea that bullet-proof vests are traditionally bulky, overly obvious, and attention drawers, M30 decided to take a new approach. They worked to design a new form of bullet-proof protection that not only functions as a protection against a shooting, but also as a fashion element.

Specifically designed to align seamlessly with the traditional aesthetic, look, and feel of a winter down vest, M30 has taken the bullet-proof apparel industry by storm with their latest product. Simply wear the vest exactly as you would on a cool summer night, a brisk fall morning, or a blistering winter afternoon, and we guarantee that not a single person would ever imagine that you’re wearing an all-out bullet-proof vest equipped with the most cutting-edge and advanced bullet protection technology currently available to the masses.

M30 is finally bringing bullet-proof protective technology to the masses because they believe that even the average citizen should be protected from the growing threat of a public shooting. As they continue to expand their product line, be on the lookout for new styles and colors, and even new products equipped with their bullet-proof technology.

M30 is only just starting out and there are sure to be a number of exciting products to come out of this startup in the near future! In the meantime, grab yourself a bullet-proof vest from M30, so that you can always rest assured knowing that your clothes will protect you.